5 Tips to Successfully Climb Tobacco Root Mountains

Travelers who are paying attention to their health will definitely find a hiking or trek a desirable activity. Many health benefits go with these activities like increased stamina and endurance, lung capacity, weight loss, full-body training and much more. Also, passionate travelers will experience amazing overviews of nature once they reach the summit. During the hike, you can expect to encounter breathtaking wildlife that will definitely attract you to this fascinating outdoor activity.

There are thousands of hiking trails around the world, but if you ever find yourself in the USA, particularly in state Montana, there are some great news. The Tobacco Root Mountains are located in the northern part of famous Rocky Mountains, and it’s a trail you want to finish.

The most interesting thing about this hiking trail is that you will go through the national forest along the way, so you can expect to encounter stunning nature life. Many high peaks are greater than 3000 meters, and the highest one is called Hollowtop. Hollowtop is attractive to many outdoor adventurers as it’s not easy to reach the peak and the trip usually lasts for a few days. 

In this article, we will share with you the most crucial tips you need to follow to successfully climb the highest peak of the Tobacco Root Mountains called Hollowtop.

Sit in a comfortable place as we’re going through each tip in details. So, let’s start!

1. Start with Physical Training on Time

First things first! If you want to climb and reach the highest peak of Tobacco Root Mountains, let’s be honest, you need to be sure to have proper fitness levels. People always take hikes in the group of other people, so you don’t want to be a person who’s holding down the whole group, right? To avoid that, you should simply start with any kind of physical training that will prepare you for the obstacles you will face during the trail.

The main reason for that is when you reach higher altitudes; it becomes harder to breathe as there is lack of oxygen and the lower pressure makes it hard for oxygen to get in our vascular systems. People who’re in better physical shape will have better stamina, endurance and lung capacity which will have a positive impact on reaching the Hollowtop peak.

If you’re a busy person with a strict schedule and you just don’t see a way to put physical training into your routine, you definitely shouldn’t give up. There are many ways to start with training for busy people. Start with the bodyweight training routine that can be done anywhere and anytime without any equipment.

The most basic exercises are push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and crunches. The only equipment you should have is a pull-up bar, but it’s not the must. You can get your body in a great shape in few months of following bodyweight training routine. Try to mix it with running sessions and aim for at least three training sessions per week. The physical form is crucial if you want to conquer high peaks! Check out some exciting ways to get in shape, and you’re on a perfect way to capture the highest peak of Tobacco Root Mountains.

2. Be Sure to Have a Proper Equipment

Once your fitness levels are on point, you can think further. To reach the summit, you should have a proper equipment as the terrain isn’t easily accessible on some parts and you will face many obstacles along the way. The best season you should take this hike is a summer as the temperatures rise and there is not much snow cover. So, you should plan the season accordingly and align it with the equipment you have or plan to get. The most basic equipment you should have for each hiking trail is a pair of warm and waterproof shoes/boots, warm jacket, climbing or cold weather pants, backpack with the tent and portable food containers.

Like we already told, there is a huge possibility that your hiking will last for few days until your reach the peak, so you must be sure that you have proper equipment for food preparation and warm clothes that have a waterproof feature. Many hiking trails will lead you to Hollowtop, and some can be finished in a day, but believe us, you want to take it slow and wander as long as possible. You simply don’t want to end up with wet clothes along the way, so be sure to check the weather conditions before you take a hike so you can prepare accordingly.

3. Pick the Right Trail for Your Fitness Levels

Like we already said, multiple hiking trails will lead you directly to Hollowtop. The thing is that each of these hiking trails is different and it requires different fitness levels. Some trails have more obstacles and conditions are harder which means you will need to use more energy to finish it, while others have a clear trail, so even the people without a great fitness levels can finish it. It’s crucial that you check available trails and do the research as you don’t want to end up in the middle of trail realizing you don’t have enough strength or endurance to finish it.

There is one trail that is suitable for beginners in hiking and people with any fitness level, and you can easily finish it in a whole day. If you take this route, you can climb to Jefferson or Hollowtop; both peaks will offer amazing overviews of surrounding mountains and nature.

The best place to start with a hiking trail is from North Willow Creek that is located near Pony MT. Once you reach North Willow Creek, you should follow the signs, and you will quickly reach Hollowtop. Be prepared for some bushwhacking, scrambling and jumping along the way as there are many obstacles you will face.

4. Check the Weather and Tell People Where You’re Heading

The most crucial thing to do when it comes to research before taking a hike is checking the weather on a day of the hike. Believe us; you simply don’t want to have a clothes and equipment which isn’t suitable for weather conditions. Always check the weather few days before you plan to take a hike and see if the weather forecast is accurate. Once you know the weather conditions, it’s easy to pack the right equipment. You don’t want to carry too much equipment that you won’t need for yourself as it will only slow you down. When hiking to high peaks, you want to be as light as possible, and it’s only possible if you know the conditions in advance and prepare yourself for it.

Also, not a bad idea would be to contact your family and friends with the information about your hiking route. You can't predict when the bad event will happen and it would be hard to get any help if nobody knows where you are. The best way to inform your friends and family about your route is to share with them your research details along with precise hiking route you’re taking. The Tobacco Root Mountains have so many obstacles, and inexperienced hikers can easily end up in trouble.

5. Pick the Right Timing and Pace

When it comes to the timing of your hike, it’s crucial to pick the right time. Well, you already know that checking the weather forecast and picking the right season is crucial. Also, another necessary thing when it comes to timing is picking the right time in a day to take a hiking trail. You don’t want to find yourself in the mountains during the night time, especially if you’re not prepared and don’t have a right equipment!

If you plan to have a one-day hike, the best thing is to start a hiking trail in the morning so that you can be back before night. It’s hard to hike during the night time, especially in the Tobacco Root Mountains that are full of obstacles.

Regarding the pace, many beginners fail to keep the proper pace as they start to walk fast at the beginning, but soon, they lose all their energy. It’s crucial that you know how to dispose of your energy levels, especially if you’re beating a high elevation. Start slow and finish slowly as it’s the universal advice to save your energy and reach a Hollowtop promptly.


The Tobacco Root Mountains offer many hiking trails that will lead you to Hollowtop. The thing is that you need to have a proper preparation process if you want to reach the peak without any problems or injuries. In this article, we shared with you the most basic tips that will get you to the top of Tobacco Root Mountains pretty quick. Apply these, and you’re ready to conquer the highest peak – Hollowtop.

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